Lex Luthor: Face it son, you have much more in common with me than Superman.
Lex Luthor: What has he given you ? Nothing. Not even affection. And why ? Because big boy blue lives in the world of black and white. You were created by the bad guys so there must be something wrong with you, but we both know that life isn’t that clear cut. The real world is full of grays. 
Lex Luthor: And though you think me a villain, you still accepted my shields.
We’re more alike than you care to admit.
Lex Luthor: They’re a gift. From a father to his son.

Hey guys - remember that time that one of Supey’s dads refused to acknowledge him, and then his other dad went ahead and gave him drugs?

Quality parenting guys, really. Y’all should get an award

listen bros at this point Lex is basically my favorite on the show

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