Was this poster made to look moronically vile on purpose, or is this just the characteristics of its creator?

Let’s look at some of the “hipster faggot” agnostics who should “just fucking die”:

Mark Twain?  Bill Gates?  Arron Copland?  Stan Lee?  Bill Maher? the Buddha? Epicurus?  Sir David Attenborough?  Charles Darwin?  Marie Curie?  Albert Einstein?  Bill Nye?  Carl Sagan?  Neil deGrasse Tyson?  This is just from a quick skim of Wikipedia.  All clearly “edgy weed smokers with no opinion of their own.”

If you include those who are “agnostic atheists”, you can throw in Betrand Russel, Richard Dawkins, debatably Christopher Hitchens, myself, a large percentage of my followers, as well as the majority of other self-proclaimed atheists on the planet.

Elevating all atheists to the top tier is also incredibly ignorant, as it puts Stalan and, of couse, the fool who made this poster, over Sir Issac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr, and Gandhi.

This poster looks like it was made by someone with the emotional maturity of a twelve-year old.  Using the word “faggot” in any context is ugly, itself a sign of vulgar ignorance, and is certainly not something worthy of one of the “Top Tier open minded promoters of individualism and free thought.”

Until you, the creator of this poster, learn what atheism and agnosticsm actually mean, I would strongly advise you to shut the fuck up.

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If you don’t believe in God then why are you living and existing in this world?



Even Satan believes that God really exists. Believe, God is here. :)

… What even?

This is the worst argument I’ve ever really heard. 
Satan believes it, so it must be true.
So… something we don’t believe in, believes in another thing we don’t believe in.

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